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Seidel Diesel Group Celebrates 40 Years

Date: June 3, 2021
Source: Reprinted with permission from Seidel Diesel Group and ADS

Forty years ago, Geret and his son Ben Seidel first opened Midwest Fuel Injection in Orland Park, IL.  Since then, Midwest Fuel Injection has grown from one shop in Chicagoland to six companies under the Seidel Diesel Group with thirteen locations in seven states.  One thing that has remained constant over Forty years is the commitment to providing customers with a full range of high-quality diesel products.  The company offers over 250,000 diesel products, including turbochargers, pumps, injectors, additives, filters, and virtually anything diesel.  “SDg has been very fortunate to have attracted some of the best talent and many great team members over the past decades, that has allowed us to continue growing after 40-years,” says Ben Seidel.  SDg continues to be a privately held business with the third generation, Nick Seidel running the groups’ Action Truck Parts locations as well as leading executive teams within the other businesses.

SDg has grown both organically, and through many acquisitions as laid out in the accompanying timeline.  Acquisitions have not slowed down in 2021, SDg has acquired Turbo Exchange in Concord, NC and Bell Turbo in Albany, OR.  These acquisitions allowed SDg to expand its turbocharger product lines of both New and Reman and added additional expertise to better serve our customers.  “All of our acquisitions, including the two Turbocharger acquisitions in 2021, are all about how we can better serve our customers,” says VP of Action Truck Parts Nick Seidel.

The entire Seidel Diesel Group would like to simply say, “THANK YOU” to all of our present and past Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and many Friends that have supported this dream! It is beyond humbling to be celebrating 40-years of business and to reflect back on all of the partnerships and relationships over the years that have helped SDg to be able to serve our communities.  There is no better Industry of people than the Diesel and Automotive Remanufacturing Industry.  We encourage customers, suppliers and our many industry friends to scan the QR code to view pictures and please leave a story or comment for us to share with the SDg team.

A brief history of the Seidel Diesel Group:

January 1981 – Midwest Fuel Injection opens in Orland Park, IL.

July 1993 – Midwest Fuel Injection opens its second shop in Palatine, IL.

April 1998 – Midwest purchases the diesel repair division of C.A. Khrone and Sons in Springfield, MA. Later this year operations are moved to Agawam, MA.  Due to its East Coast location the shop becomes the first Metro Fuel Injection.

June 2005 – Action Truck Parts is created in partnership with Acme Truck Brake and allows for expanding into the Heavy-Duty industry

June 2005 – Midwest headquarters moves from Orland Park, IL to their new state of the art facility in Bolingbrook, IL.

June 2005 – The Diesel Service Center is formed in Bolingbrook to service the diesel drive-in repair business

November 2007 – Action Truck Parts (then known as Traction Truck Parts) opens its first independent location

January 2008 – Midwest Fuel Injection acquires Illinois Valley Diesel Injection Service in Peru, IL. This becomes the third Midwest location.

May 2010 – Midwest Fuel Injection acquires Fuel Injection Sales & Service, Inc. in Allentown, PA. This becomes the second Metro location.

December 2010 – Midwest Fuel Injection acquires H&L Fuel Injection in Deep River, CT. This becomes the third Metro location.

July 2011 – Midwest Fuel Injection expands to the west coast acquiring Northern Factors Diesel in Portland, OR.  Due to the West Coast location the shop becomes Pacific Fuel Injection.

January 2012 – Seidel Diesel Group is adopted as an umbrella organization for all of the entities

June 2013 – Traction Truck Parts changes its name to Action Truck Parts and becomes a VIPAR distributor

February 2015 – Seidel Diesel Group acquires Clean Air Fuel Injection Service in Boca Raton, FL.  This becomes International Fuel Injection.

June 2016 – Action Truck Parts acquires Darryl Dupre Truck Parts in Rockdale, IL.  This becomes the second Action Truck Parts store.

December 2016 – Midwest Fuel Injection becomes one of the first companies in the United States to successfully complete both the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification and upgrade audits

January 2019 – Action Truck Parts open a new location in Chicago, IL.  This becomes the third Action Truck Parts store.

March 2021 – Seidel Diesel Group acquires Bell Turbo in Albany, OR

April 2021 – Seidel Diesel Group acquires Turbo Exchange in Concord, NC

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