Renault Starts Study to Optimise Vehicle Parts Recycling

Date: February 12, 2020

Recycling International


Renault Trucks is launching a preliminary study into introducing a reuse and recycling channel for end-of-life heavy goods vehicle parts.

‘Unlike for private or utility vehicles, there is currently no legal requirement in Europe to process and recycle heavy goods vehicles at the end of their service life or when they are no longer in use,’ Renault observes.

The manufacturer says the study is aimed at identifying the key factors for success and the required criteria for implementing its own network for recycling heavy goods vehicles and distributing the resulting used parts.

The study will include an analysis of the situation for processing heavy goods vehicles that are no longer in use, as well as updating dismantling methods. It will also feature a detailed analysis of the potential market for the re-use of parts and recommendations on logistics flow and distribution schemes for these parts.

The results of this year-long study will set out the procedures for introducing a reuse and recycling channel for parts across France. French car recycling specialist Indra is teaming up with Renault while the ADEME Agency is offering financial support for the project.

According to Renault, this approach is a continuation of its actions to promote a circular economy. These include the conversion of used vehicles on the manufacturing site of Bourg-en-Bresse (Used Trucks Factory) and the remanufacturing activity of the Limoges plant.

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