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Diesel Forward Changing Company Name to Alliant Power

Date: November 1, 2022
Source: Press release from Alliant Power

Diesel Forward is the nation’s leading provider of premium powertrain repair components and specializes in fuel, air, aftertreatment parts and installation kits. Diesel Forward has been fueling its customers success since 1961, and has continued to evolve over the years from a service center to a nationwide integrator for critical engine components. In 2002, our brand Alliant Power, was established as a result of a strategic partnership. From 2018 to 2022, Diesel Forward extended its footprint nationwide, which expanded our distribution by having warehouses in all four time zones to meet our customers’ changing needs. Our growth is driven by our ability to facilitate faster, more successful installations and repairs of fuel, air and aftertreatment systems by our customers.

As the industry evolves, and demand for new products, new technologies, and new fuel and power innovations come, we will be ready. We will relentlessly continue to add all of the key critical engine components that our customers need to build their futures. We understand just how important it is that we are in total alignment with our customers and partners. This, of course, centers around products; however, we also recognize the need to make sure our organization’s brand is just as representative of our commitment to our customers as our growing product offering. Our entire team is very excited to announce that we are changing our name from Diesel Forward to Alliant Power.

Alliant Power is dedicated to continuous company growth, and know that product quality, service quality and speed create superior competitive advantages. We treasure our reputation as a can-do culture, and work to infuse both excellence and speed into everything we do. We challenge ourselves and our partners to continually improve, so that together we can be recognized leaders in the markets we serve. Alliant Power, as the industries leading provider of fuel, turbocharger and supporting components, supports its customers by providing premium products and service along with investments in connectivity, education, complete kitting solutions to maximize their profits and the end users experience, and product offering. Our product offering will grow to support the growth of our customers and the evolving industry.

We are committed to strengthening our foundation, evolving with the industry, and being the solution for future repair shops. We are making investments to bring faster and better service, parts, and solutions for our network and the end user. We will challenge ourselves and our partners to
continually raise the bar with data and heart, so together we can continue to be leaders in the markets we serve.

Alliant Power is committed. Alliant Power is adaptable. Alliant Power is ready.

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