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CRP Automotive Adds AAE Remanufactured Steering Racks For Chevy, Buick, Ford And Toyota

Date: December 13, 2018


CRP Automotive has announced availability of AAE remanufactured steering racks for Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota applications. These new offerings include AAE precision remanufactured electronic power steering (EPS) racks for 2011-‘16 Chevrolet Cruze, 2012-‘17 Buick Verano (CRP P/N ER1015) and 2011-‘14 Ford Mustang (CRP P/N ER1074).

In addition, CRP Automotive offers remanufactured manual steering rack & pinion for Toyota Prius 1.8L 2010-‘11, Prius 1.5L 2012-‘15 and Prius Hatchback 1.8L 2012-‘15 models (CRP P/N 6972)

Every AAE Remanufactured rack undergoes an eight-step process to ensure that each part meets strict quality guidelines and industry standards. Each rack is disassembled, cleaned, shot-peened and hardened to restore OE performance and finish. All racks are fitted with new boots, clamps, bearings, O-rings and seals.

David Hirschhorn, brand director, noted, “These AAE EPS and Manual steering racks are remanufactured to the strictest guidelines and tested to ensure the highest quality and reliability. They are an excellent solution for consumers who are concerned about the cost of repair, but still want to make sure that the part they have installed in their vehicle will not fail.”

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