The positive contributions of remanufacturing – simply defined as “manufacturing with re-use” – are significant enough to be communicated on a daily basis. That’s because remanufacturing yields finished goods that deliver like-new quality and better value, while also being better for the environment. The month of April offers two great ways to recognize and celebrate the benefits of remanufacturing and similar forms of sustainable manufacturing.
Reman Day is set for April 11. This event, now in its second year, is a day to advance the remanufacturing industry through remanufactured-hosted events and workforce development initiatives. To learn more, visit
This year also marks the 49th edition of Earth Day – the world’s largest environmental movement, celebrated each year on April 22. As leaders in the circular economy, members of the remanufacturing community live the spirit of Earth Day, every day. Participate in Earth Day, and communicate the corporate social responsibility of your company to a broader audience. For suggestions on ways to participate, and for examples from last year, view Earth Day information at
If your company has registered facilities in the Manufactured Again Certification program, highlight your commitment. Lead the way! Deliver the message that Manufactured Again Certification is where manufacturing and remanufacturing are held to the same international quality standards. Learn more at
Keep the momentum going all month long! Actively engage with your communities, customers and employees to share the benefits of "manufacturing with re-use." Don’t forget to take photos and post on your social media channels. Send your event photos to for our annual recap video!
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