Dulux Trade and Veolia Partner to Launch 35% Recycled Paint

Division News | October 15, 2019
edie Paint manufacturer Dulux Trade has launched a new partnership with Veolia UK to offer a new matt emulsion made from 35% recycled paint, which... Read More

Bendix Motivated to Increase Green Profile

Division News | October 15, 2019
Commercial Carrier Journal Bendix is synonymous with brakes and remains driven to increase its green profile. The Ohio-based company reports... Read More

ANAD Using Additive Remanufacturing to Bring Parts Back to Specifications

Division News | September 12, 2019
U.S. Army Additive remanufacturing is one of numerous ways Anniston Army Depot works to recycle and reuse parts for combat vehicles. Through... Read More

Engineers Demonstrate Key Step in Robotic Disassembly

Division News | September 10, 2019
ScienceDaily Engineers at the University of Birmingham have successfully designed a robotic system that can perform a key task in disassembling... Read More

Data Center Management And The Circular Economy: Key Initiatives To Watch

Division News | August 15, 2019
Horizon Technology Proponents of the circular economy are eager to point out that waste does not exist in nature. In the same way nature reuses... Read More

Jasper Offers Remanufactured Ford 3.5L Duratec Engine

Division News | August 13, 2019
aftermarketNews Jasper Engines & Transmissions, one of the nation’s leaders in remanufactured products, has announced the availability of... Read More

Ontario Northland Lands Refurbishment Contract

Division News | August 13, 2019
Northern Ontario Business The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) has been awarded a contract to refurbish Metrolinx passenger... Read More

Motorcar Parts Of America Launches Brake Caliper Product Line

Division News | August 13, 2019
aftermarketNews Motorcar Parts of America (MPA) has announced the strategic expansion of its automotive aftermarket brake product offerings, with... Read More

Repairing Damaged Industrial Components for Sustainable Industrial Growth

Division News | August 13, 2019
Research Matters Does it not break your heart when you have to replace an expensive possession just because of some small damage? Many would... Read More

Some Truck Parts Are Designed for Remanufacturing

Division News | July 31, 2019
Heavy Duty Trucking The way a product or component is designed and manufactured can have an impact on how easy — and how costly — it will be... Read More